Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Cumberland Harbour Property Owners Association?
The Cumberland Harbour Property Owners Association (CHPOA) is a Georgia not-for-profit
membership corporation. All owners of lots and houses in the Cumberland Harbour POA are
members of the Association.

Who manages the Association?
The Association is guided by a five (5) member elected Board of Directors consisting of a
President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Day-to-day operations of the Association are
managed by FirstService Residential, a professional management company.

Board Members:
Keith Danos, President
Ben Smith, Vice President
Jenny Patton, Treasurer
Sam Colville, Secretary
John Eisner, Director

Who should I contact if I have a problem or question?
General questions about the POA, governance of the POA, and maintenance of common areas
should be directed to CHPOA Greeter’s Cottage office at 912-576-9620 or by emailing
[email protected]. There both FirstService Residential and Security staff
can be reached.

What opportunities exist for members to become involved?
Our success largely depends on volunteers who give generously of their time and talent to serve
on our Board of Directors, Design Review Board, various committees, organize Association
special events, and participate in various projects.
Contact Sharyn Rudy, Assistant Community Manager, at 912-576-9620 or email
[email protected].
For more information, view our contact directory.

Design Review Board Requirements

What is the DRB?
The Design Review Board (DRB) of Cumberland Harbour Property Owners Association, Inc.
(POA) seeks to foster thoughtful design and promote harmony between the residences and their
neighboring properties before, during, and after construction. The DRB and the POA desire to be
objective and maintain sensitivity to the individual aspects of design.
The primary goal of the Design Review Board (DRB) is to maintain the holistic integrity of the
community. The DRB will assist the homeowner and builder through the process of reviewing
and ultimately approving house placement and plans.

What’s the primary objective of the DRB guidelines?
These guidelines are structured to protect and maintain the architectural and design integrity of
the community for new home construction and any exterior alterations or additions to existing
homes and landscapes.

Where can the latest edition of the DRB guidelines be found?
A copy of the DRB guidelines is available for download on our Design Review Page.

Where can I find an application for DRB review?
DRB Review applications can be found on our Design Review Page.

Applications can be found by clicking the links below:
New Residential Construction
Renovation, remodeling, and additions
Dock construction and improvements 
Underbrush permit

The review process determines if the proposed new construction, exterior alterations, or
additions conform with the standards and policy outlined in the DRB guidelines.

Who is currently serving on the DRB?
The Design Review Board (DRB) comprises three or more members appointed by the
Association’s Board of Directors. The DRB also includes a third-party licensed architect and
landscape architect.
To view the current DRB members, visit our Design Review page.

Who are the design consultants for the DRB?
David Amos is the contracted Architectural Consultant for the DRB review process. David
attends monthly DRB meetings to provide comments, suggestions, and recommendations on
architectural plan submittals for compliance with Cumberland Harbour Design Review Board guidelines.

Jon Korman is the contracted Landscape Architect and arborist consultant for the DRB review
process. Jon attends monthly DRB meetings to provide comments, suggestions, and
recommendations on site and landscape plans. Jon meets with each builder or builder
representative to review the site before and after the lot clearing to ensure compliance with DRB

If you have a question for our consultants, please send your request to [email protected].

How often does the DRB meet?
The Design Review Board meets on the second Thursday of each month in the Fitness Center
meeting room. All agenda items are due on the 1st of the month of each meeting. Members can submit
agenda items or review questions to [email protected].

Can I attend the DRB meeting?
All members are encouraged to attend DRB meetings related to their modification or build.

Approved Builders

What is the Approved Builders List?
The Cumberland Harbour Approved Builders List (CHABL) is a list of builders who have
satisfied a limited set of criteria established by the Cumberland Harbour POA. This list was
established to assist prospective homeowners in selecting a builder, but it does not represent a
comprehensive vetting process. CHABL builders are reviewed annually for compliance with the
minimum, listed criteria.

Where can I find the Approved Builders List?
A current list of approved builders may be obtained on our Approved Builders page.

Why does Cumberland Harbour have an Approved Builders List?
Builders who are on the CHABL have produced information regarding financial viability,
licensure, insurance, customer satisfaction, and track record in the building industry for review
by a third-party review agency. This process also ensures that builders become familiar with the
rules that govern building in CH. While the CHABL provides some measure of builder vetting
for prospective homeowners, it is not intended to be all-encompassing, and the POA/DRB offers
no guarantees about individual builders. Property owners who are seeking a contractor to build
for them should still conduct their interview with one or more builder candidates and ask
appropriate questions.

Why isn’t there a Signature or Preferred Builder Program?
It is often the case that a Developer/Declarant will designate a construction company or a few
construction companies as the builders of choice. In many cases, this selection is based on a
business arrangement between the Developer and the construction companies. No such
arrangement exists between Cumberland Harbour and any builder. The CHABL aims to provide
prospective homeowners with a few objective measures of builder quality that are free of
endorsements based on a financial arrangement.

Who is the developer/declarant for Cumberland Harbour?
The Cumberland Harbour Property Owners Association (CHPOA) is the legal declarant and is
not owned or governed by a developer. As such, the elected CHPOA Board of Directors and a
full-time property manager oversee financial and daily operations issues for the CHPOA.

May I use my own builder?
Yes. However, we require that any builder not on the CHPOA Approved Builders List submit an
application to the DRB and be approved to build in CH (same as any other builder already on the
list). This is done to protect CH’s design and build integrity and ensure that “new” builders will
become familiar with CH’s planning, approval, and construction guidelines.

Can a builder be removed from the Approved Builders List?
The Cumberland Harbour Board of Directors (CHBOD) has the right to remove a builder from
the CHABL. Any builder who fails the financial review, fails to pay subcontractors resulting in
liens, or engages in business practices that generate credible complaints from CH clients will be
contacted by the CHBOD and informed that they are in jeopardy of being removed from the
CHABL. That builder will have an opportunity to respond to the CHBOD and address the issues.
If the problems cannot be resolved promptly and satisfactorily, the CHBOD may immediately
remove the builder from the list.
If a builder is removed from the CHABL, the builder cannot build homes within CH. Barring
unusual circumstances, the builder should be able to finish current construction projects but will
not be able to write any new contracts for a construction project. A builder who has been
removed from the CHABL may apply for reinstatement at any time they meet the criteria for
inclusion on the list.

Services and Amenities

Where can I find the Governing Documents?

The index for the Governing Documents (Declaration, Bylaws, and Amendments) can be found
on our Covenants/Rules page.

What options do I have to pay my quarterly maintenance?

There are five convenient ways to make payments: AutoPay, Mailing, by Phone, through Website, and at the Greeter’s Cottage office.  For more information, view our payment form.

What is the quarterly maintenance schedule?

The maintenance fee schedule is billed in quarterly increments of $468.75 (each January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1) for an annual total of $1875. For more information, view our payment form.

How to reserve a space at the boatyard?

A completed registration form is required for facility use. This facility has limited spacing and will be used on a first-come, first-serve basis for eligible members.  With a maximum capacity of about 104 spaces and a growing waitlist due to our community’s expansion, the CHPOA Board has approved implementing a fee-for-service model for using the Boat/RV Storage Yard.  Beginning February 1, 2024, a monthly fee of $20 will apply to members utilizing these storage spaces.  

Security will require photo identification for storage key checkout. All boats, RVs, and boat trailers must have proof of current insurance and a current license in Georgia or the state of the owner’s primary dwelling.
Click here to download the Boat/RV Storage Application

How to reserve the Springhouse and Landing areas?

A completed reservation form with a security deposit is required to begin the reservation process for Springhouse and Landing.
Click here to download the Reservation Form